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Welotec is a Value Added Distributor for industrial communication solutions

Welotec offers:

Industrial 2G GPRS Router

The GPRS router TK701G is a machine-to-machine (M2M) industrial cellular router with Din-rail mounting, which works on 2G cellular networks, provides reliable and robust wireless connections. The GPRS router has one Ethernet and one RS232 Port. The GPRS router also supports the OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, GPE, IPSec VPN tunnel providing high-grade network security. The VPN GPRS router is designed to endure extreme conditions, such as temperatures ranging from -25°C ~ +70°C and low power consumption.


Industrial 3G UMTS Router

The 3G UMTS router TK701U is a machine-to-machine (M2M) industrial cellular router with Din-rail mounting, which works on 2G / 3G cellular networks, provides reliable and robust wireless connections. The UMTS router has one Ethernet and one RS232 Port. The 3G UMTS router also supports the OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, GPE, IPSec VPN tunnel providing high-grade network security. The VPN 3G router is designed to endure extreme conditions, such as temperatures ranging from -25°C ~ +70°C and low power consumption.


Industrial 4G LTE Router

Industrial high security LTE Router with IPsec, OpenVPN, DM VPN, GRE and advanced enterprise Firewall. The additional I/O and serial interfaces of the Welotec LTE Router TK802L deliver a maximum of connectivity possibilities. 


Industrial Radio Modems

Narrowband radio modems and narrowband wireless router for distances up to 40 km. Especially for serial, transparent data transmission, or networks via TCP/IP. Unlike in the cellular, the reaction and response times at this private, independent radio networks are significantly shorter and the long-term follow its own requirements.


Industrial Ethernet Switches

The range of "managed" and "unmanaged ethernet switches goes from small 2-port switches / media converters, up to 28-port switches with Gigabit uplink support. For particularly harsh, industrial environments, there are solutions which can achieve maximum performance even at temperatures between -40 ° C to +85 ° C. The ethernet switches have a redundant dual DC power supply to make sure that the device is always working. Because of its compact design the ethernet switches can be used for a variety of applications. The Sixnet and N-Tron Switches meets the requirements for EN50155 and EN50121-4 railway applications. The N-Tron Managed Switches have full Ethernet/IP Real Time Support. They also support CIP Messaging. 


Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN)

The Industrial Wireless Ethernet Devices offer wired and wireless dual networking interfaces between LAN & WLAN. They serve as bridges capable of transmitting transparent packages among LAN, WLAN and Serial Port RS-232/422/485 as well. All wireless devices conform to IEEE802.11a/g/b/h/n with WEP/WPA encryptions so as to build a secure network. They are suitably applied in places difficult or impractical to wire, and surroundings where mobile user interfaces are highly requested. It is also useful for mobile user interfaces, especially in an industrial surrounding. The Wireless CAN-Bus devices can be used to transmit CAN-Bus data wireless via 2.4 GHz ISM-Band. obust Outdoor Access Points are the optimal solution for building a reliable wireless infrastructure in an industrial environment. If expensive cables have to be avoided or mobile subscriber to be connected, the Access Points are the optimal way for a stable connection without interruption and with the highest transmission rates even under adverse conditions. The robust design and simple operation allow mounting directly outdoors and in harsh industrial environments. We provide Access Points which operate with 2.4 GHz and ones which operate in 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies, too. The RAP-Series Access Points can also be used as an Access Client.


Serial Device Server

The Serial-to-Ethernet Servers and Modbus Gateways provide a seamless communication bridge between Serial devices and Ethernet traffics. With the server series, the conventional RS-232, RS-485 and RS-422 devices are given an instant access to TCP/IP and UDP connectivity where distance and speed are no longer limited.


Modbus Gateway

Modbus is an industry adopted communication protocol based on RTU, ASCII, and TCP protocols for various applications; these three protocols are commonly used by various equipments in the industry, such as DCS, PLC, HMI, power meters, various sensor and measuring instruments. The Modbus Gateway is capable of implementing the Modbus protocol conversion between different hardware interfaces, thereby streamlining the process of management and application.


Remote Terminal Units and I/O's

Industrial automation devices, like rugged RTUs and I/O provide a simple yet powerful means to reliably monitor and control remote sites around the clock in the harshest environments. The compact automation systems can start small and grow as needs increase without requiring hardware replacement. Virtually unlimited scalability means organizations have fewer restrictions on the number of remote sites or devices that are supported. "Best of both worlds" programming combines Windows ease of use with the future-proof security of an embedded Linux OS.


Industrial PC's (IPC)

These industrial pc's are made for DIN-Rail mounting. They are very compact and have a low power consumption. In addition to that they are equipped with high performance components and also all important interfaces. Both pc's can be extendend by using differnt PCI Express modules, such as falshdisks or cellular modules.



Each radio application stands or falls with its antenna system. We offer a professional solution for your wireless project. Our antennas, from simple omnidirectional to highly directional antennas up to many other special antennas, we meet all industrial requirements. Our focus is antennas from the ISM band (VHF & UHF), the GSM / UMTS area, and the Wi-Fi area. Of course, we also offer accessories such as lightning protection, splitters and filters, or provide the appropriate cable with the same.





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2G Router TK701G-232
2G Router TK701G-232
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3G Router TK701U-232
3G Router TK701U-232
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1000 DIN-Rail PC
1000 DIN-Rail PC
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Industrial UHF Radio Modem
Industrial UHF Radio Modem

- High 35W output power - Wide 70 MHz tuning range (403 ... 473 MHz) - Selectable channel spacing 12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz - IP67 classified housing SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35 W is an IP67 classified UHF radio modem with a high power (35 W) transmitter, wide 70 MHz tuning range (403...473 MHz) in one hardware and selectable channel spacing. It is particularly well suited for outdoor use (land surveying, for instance) under varying weather conditions. Due to the high transmitting power, connection distances of up to 80 kilometers can be covered. According to the IP67 standard, the casing and connectors of the SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35 W are waterproof and secured against dust. The radio modem is equipped with a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), used to indicate the current operating status (frequency, channel number, power level, voltage level, field strength), as well as for changing the setups of the radio modem.