IoT Services

WIMD.IO is an open, fully API driven, IoT data repository that enables low footprint connected devices to do two way data exchange with the cloud in order to store data and retrieve commands

The platform provides several data services that can be used to do data clensed, data validation, on the fly aggregation and much more.

The data is stored in a database that can easly accessed by any external system, reporting tools, analytics systems that will focus on the data exploration, leaving all the data acquisition life cycle issues behind.

Combined with EDGE, a flexible and powerfull data logger and controller, the user can get connected imediatelly. The open API are simple and secure. Even an Arduino device can be used.

The platform solves your connectivity problem and can be used in many applications. Machine Builders can remotely monitor their assets. The connected equipment can send notifications when service or maintenance is needed. Municipalities can monitor and control public rooms comfort.

Facility Managers can monitor and control energy, water and gas usage. System Integrators can integrate any kind of process related data. These are just few examples.

Reuse your twilio, weather wunderground and sendgrid API keys to automatically collect data and send notifications.