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Wonde Proud 9900 is an Android black box with built in GPS. Optional 3G and Wifi modules will allow WP9900 to provide an internet access for you through special licensed APK.
Our company got a German and Taiwan patent to implement new feature for WP9900, which will allow the user to connect phone to box and operate it easily throught car's monitor.
The multi-language system and high resolution on WP9900 makes it universal Android device.

WP9900 has a friendly easy user interface. You can customize your menus and install your own applications those are compatible with Android OS.

Technical Specification

Product Features

OS Android 2.3.7
CPU A8/Coretex 1GHz
HDMI out Optional (HDMI resolution 720P/1080P)
Memory RAM DDR3 1GB / Flash 4GB
CAN Optional
LVDS 2 parallel (8-pin)
Gyro function Optional
GPS yes
USB host 4
Uart port 5
Mini USB 1
Touching yes
Remote control IR/2.4GHz (optional)
GPIO yes
WIFI/Bluetooth optional
3G optional
Wifi hot spot yes
SD yes
Audio/Video in yes
Stereo audio out yes
Microphone in/line in yes
RGB resolution Up to 800X480 or higher
RGB H/V sync separate yes
CVBS yes
Mirror link support yes
Google market APK download yes
Multi-language support yes
TMC Yes (open protocol)
USB keyboard yes


Interface » Type of Inputs / Outputs » Digital

Bion WP 9900 Manual