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I developped many inventions such as:

oxygen separator:

The uniqueness of my innovation is the new proved physical concept to separate pure oxygen

gas continuously from the air without molecular sieves, or polarized sieve or membrane so

without generation cycle or air compression,

Hydraulic brake:

based on an original concept without any ambiguity that lead to a series of inventions with many
applications. My invention is a hydraulic brake that converts the kinetic energy of the masse in motion into
hydraulic pressure and thermal energy, it does not need the application of considerable power to perform the
braking operation, just the easy displacement of the equilibrated axe of control, independently of the load, will
perform the braking operation for a complete stop or a smooth gradual deceleration depending on the speed of
displacement and the position of the axe of control. It is scientifically proved that the absorption of the energy
through hydraulic energy is more efficient and reliable than the absorption through a consumable friction pads.

electric Water torch

with unique features

I developed many inventions at different stage of development such as oxygen separator, hydraulic brake, and water torch with unique features,