IoT Services

Secure, Manage & Maintain the Edge of the 3G/4G Network with CradlePoint WiPipe Central.
If you have more than a few CradlePoint routers within your organization, WiPipe Central is an essential tool for managing the devices remotely.
Whether your routers are deployed in distant locations, used for digital signage installations, or just simply traveling with your field sales team, CradlePoint makes it easy to keep in touch with the edge your 3G/4G Network. 

Without installing any additional software, CradlePoint products can be monitored and configured easily. WiPipe Central allows you to keep tabs on managed devices, find out their on-line / off-line status, and configure settings. Updating firmware to a large number of routers has never been easier.  WiPipe Central allows you to group and sort your routers, updating firmware on all connected devices with a few clicks.  And, if devices are not connected, they are updated the next time they are on-line.  As a centralized and secure tool, WiPipe Central complements other management platforms you may use already.  Find out how WiPipe Central can help you.


  • Centralized management of CradlePoint devices via WAN
  • WAN access over both 3G/4G and wired Ethernet connections
  • Remote device monitoring and configuration
  • User-defined group and individual device configuration
  • Firmware updates to device or group of devices
  • Configuration restoration after reset
  • User Management to provide read only or full access sub-accounts
  • Email alerts of devices offline, modem events and data usage
  • Pull reports on device or group statistics


  • CradlePoint-hosted Internet application
  • Access via most Internet browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome
  • Secure enterprise-class server at Internet service provider data center
  • Data center reliability: equipment redundancy, always-on power, multiple Internet channels, back-up/restore services
  • Light-weight management data traffic, optimized for cellular primary connections

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