IoT Services

Smart Inventory solutions

Do you want visibility into the movement of stock from the manufacturer to your warehouse and then onto individual stores for sale? Do you want to know the count of the items, track them in real time and restock as needed? If you wish you had these capabilities and more like report generation and analytics at your fingertips, you need a smart inventory management solution.

Powered by IIoT, robotics and RFID, a smart inventory management solution collects and analyzes real-time location and offers 360-degree warehouse visibility. By doing so, it ensures that you have complete control of the inventory cycle, without a need to intervene at any point, automating it end-to-end.

  • Real-time tracking of stock levels.
  • Automated reorder alerts and restocking suggestions.
  • Integration with sales data for demand forecasting.
  • Barcode and QR code scanning for efficient item management.
  • Cloud-based access for remote inventory monitoring.
  • Customizable categorization and tagging of products.
  • Analytics and reporting for inventory turnover and trends.

Our Solutions Features

Our Smart Inventory Management Solution is designed to streamline your inventory operations and provide you with real-time visibility into your stock levels, order status, and replenishment needs. With automated inventory tracking, efficient order management, and insightful analytics, our solution empowers you to optimize your inventory management, reduce costs, and improve overall business efficiency.