IoT Products

Our Pro-Code Application Enablement Platform (AEP), Flex83, empowers OEMS to build bespoke industrial applications with an 83% head start and 830% ROI.

Technical Specification


Discover a range of multi-tenant solutions that offer reserved shared resources. Without the need to refactor workloads and applications, this solution GUARANTEES the scalability, speed, and cost-effectiveness of the public cloud YOU NEED.

Market Place

A simple click-and-buy platform that provides complete IoT solutions, including hardware, software, and cloud connectivity, ready for smart application deployment.


Horizontal and vertical integration- Breaking down information silos and utilizing all of the data that a company produces. Flex83 assists you in managing the transition effectively.

Edge Controller

To enhance data processing, increase productivity, decrease downtime, and cut operational costs.

Edge Agents

To oversee an environment for edge computing where devices typically lack networking capabilities

Low Code Platform

With the flex83 Low-Code Platform for High-Speed Digital Transformation, you can create, release, scale, and secure apps more quickly.

Development Cost

The rapid Application Development framework requires short, agile sprints that repeat as frequently as the project requires. This iterative approach uncovers bugs and logic issues before they can derail delivery. The shortened cycle time improved productivity, and fewer resources significantly reduced the cost of application development.

IP Ownership

Any application built for you either by your team or using IoT83 Engineering Services remains your IP and is stored on secure software repositories (such as your private GitHub account or other similar repositories). All of your applications are your IP, while the underlying platform is the IP of IoT83.