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Technical Specification

The S90 Multi-Depth Soil Sensor is a wireless sensor that works with the Soil Online system to measure soil moisture, soil temperature, soil PH etc soil indicators at multiple depths with a single probe. For fast and easy installation. This durable sensor is available in three segment probe for measurements from 15 cm (6 in), 45cm ( 18in), and 90 cm (35 in) deep. More area sampled means greater accuracy. The Soil Online system is a cost-effective and scalable wireless sensor network for web-enabled monitoring of field conditions for applications such as crop management, land salinization research, and green-hours operations.  


  • Multi-depth 3-segment probe 90CM (35in) long, soil measurements at multiple points
  • Multi-functions: support measurement of soil moisture, soil temperature, soil PH etc up to 20 soil indicators
  • Automatic measurements: The measurements are made at a configured frequency and automatically send to the Soil Online system
  • Real-time alarm when one of the soil indicators reaches a value outside the standards
  • Ultra-low power consumption, battery life up to several months@15mins reporting cycle
  • Easy installation with minimal soil disturbance
  • Cost-effective: monitor large sites with fast and easy deployment

Soil-online solution