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Lack of location insight makes livestock farming extremely inefficient, time-consuming and costly. AGRISEEN 's livestock tracking solution improve and optimize livestock tracking operations with long life battery powered GPS tracking devices, makes it easier for farmers to find their herds.

Technical Specification

GA5201 series is a LoRa-based GPS tracking device for cattle tracking with Li-SOCl2 battery. The Collar’s GPS location data will be uplinked to the LoRaWAN gateway according to the schedule you choose, The collar is programmed wirelessly by the network server. You can control how often GPS location data are collected, and can also remotely command program changes to the fix rate and mortality schedule, fix duration time, and GPS location data transmission interval.

Livestock tracking solutions


  • Communicate via LoRa, No SIM card required

LoRaWANTM compliant, create a reliable backup communication network for use when cell service is down, enable ranchers to track thousands to million cattle in the field without the expense of cellular subscription. Remotely modified user selectable location and data transmission schedule

  • Long battery life

Each tracker is equipped with two replaceable 19000mah battery, battery life as long as 3 years @ 1 location per hour, A notification is sent when the battery power falls below 20%.

  • Theft Alarm

Set a customized safe zone and get notifications on your platform when the cattle enter or leave the zone, Collar cut alert to inform owner once the collar is cut, allow ranchers of herds reduce theft of cattle.

  • IP67 Water-Proof design

Weight just 360g, Special Collars to hold the tracker for the cow, horses, and other large animals.




Frequency Band

868~928MHz, Optional

Battery Specs

38000mah Li − SOCl2 battery, Non rechargeable

Operating Temperature



185*57*53mm (Weight 360g)

Communication range

9~15KM LoS, 3~6KM in dense environment

Transmit Power



LoRa Modulation Patented by Semtech

Protection Requirements


Collar size

5 cm wide Neoprene Belting

GPS positioning solution

Sensitive down to -148dB

GPS accuracy