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ED10W is a smart wristband with GPS/ LoRa®/WI-FI functions. combined with motion sensors can achieve real-time positioning. With wearing detection, it can realize a real-time collection of health data such as heart rate, body temperature, number of steps, and sleep. the detected data will be transmitted back to the server platform through the LoRaWAN base station.

Technical Specification


  • Connectivity via LoRa:  communication range up to 1.5KM line-of-sight, 500~1000M in dense urban, compatible with any LoRaWANTM
  • Built-in GPS and WIFI , supports indoor &outdoor real-time tracking
  • Heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, pedometer: the measurements are made at a configured frequency and automatically send to the LoRaWANTM network. 
  • Real-time AlarmWhen the heart rate exceeds the standard, an alarm is sent.
  • SOS in emergency
  • Long Battery Life:  Battery life as long as 7 days @ 15mins uplink duty cycle(GPS+WIFI), a notification is sent when the battery power falls below 10%. (Class A)
  • Class A in default, Class C supports downlink TXT message. (needs to customize for high frequency. 


  • Large construction site
  • Oil, gas, mining and other fields
  • State Grid
  • Factory
  • Sanitation system
  • School


Parameter Spec
Communication Build-in LoRa module,Frequency: EU868MHz.AS923MHz.US915MHz, AU915MHz
Bluetooth Building in Bluetooth 4.0
Positioning Outdoor GPS positioning and indoor Bluetooth positioning
Positioning accuracy 10~20 meters (outdoor) 3-5 meters (indoor)
Gyro Build-in gyro, Supports power-saving mode in the non-motion state
Battery Rechargeable 900mah lithium battery
Charging port Type-C
Buttons 1-SOS button  2-Power button 
Battery life More than 40hours(GNSS positioning interval 5mins)
Dimensions 86.5*55*8mm
Waterproof IP66
NFC Optional( Detect range 1~15CM)
Time sync Time synchronization with GPS
LED indicator Three colors LED indicator
Operation temperature -20℃~60℃
Uplink frequency customized
Positioning time Cold start 38S     hot start  1S     Recapture  <1S
Charging voltage 5V