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As a SAAS (Software as a Service) platform Intersperse enables merchants to predict their monthly costs. The “Pay as you Grow” capability enables the enterprise to reduce operational costs and avoid huge upfront investments in payment solutions. 

The Intersperse platform is pre-integrated into a majority of POS devices, Shopping Carts and Processors worldwide, making the deployment and integration extremely efficient.

The platform also provides Multicurrency, Multi-lingual Interface, Mobile Payments, IVR Self Service Solutions, Virtual Terminal and Web Services for third party integration as part of the platform providing several avenues to accept payments. Robust architecture permits quick bolt-on applications per legacy or existing systems, enabling utilization of the solution without disturbing routine business.

Advantages for Merchants

The Intersperse platform is designed to provide a level playing field for small and medium sized merchants to create and manage loyalty programs. It facilitates the SMB throughout the loyalty program process; from the activation of the loyalty program, through to enabling their customers to redeem their loyalty points.

The solution is simple and user friendly enabling merchants to understand and use the system without any formal training while effectively connecting to their customers. The platform provides powerful reporting tools and easy to view comprehensive reports assisting with analysis of loyalty program campaigns and sales performance. Intersperse helps merchants plan their customer pull and product push strategies.

The Intersperse platform is robust and PCI-DSS compliant, using rules and services to manage fraud:

  • Address Verification Service
  • Fraudulent IP Address Blocking
  • Card Security Verification
  • Credit Card Authentication

The Intersperse platform provides flexibility to merchants allowing them to choose from a variety of POS devices and peripherals including VeriFone, Lipman, Ingenico, Hypercom and mobile phones. When new businesses are acquired or companies merge the Intersperse platform provides a seamless and quick integration.

Key Business Benefits:

The Intersperse platform has interfaces to major networks and processors in place and can intercept and route transactions to most processors. The platform employs one single database to provide loyalty, CRM, and payment processing solutions ensuring smooth, steady operation.

Intersperse is pre-integrated to a large variety of terminals and POS systems. As it is a modular, multipurpose platform various deployment options and system capabilities are available through different terminals and POS systems. A list of web shopping carts are also readily integrated.

Intersperse Technical Specifications 
• Platform: Linux / Windows Compatible
• J2EE Compatible with JDK 1.5
• Database: MySQL 5.x or Oracle 11g

Intersperse Overview
Retail & Platform Aspects