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The ZDUE-GPRS-PLUS-VI from Dr. Neuhaus Telekommunikation enables location-independent remote data readouts for energy, water or gas meters via the GPRS network.


This technology makes it inexpensive to read out meters at very short intervals, whereby the GPRS connection is set up in the same way as the previous AT connection via the GSM network. The data collected at short, regular intervals can be used to calculate trends and thus optimize load or network management.


Thanks to the integrated auxiliary voltage supply, the ZDUE-GPRS-PLUS-VI is also able to provide such battery-operated devices as quantity transformers with power.


Equipped with a compact enclosure according to DIN 43857-5, the ZDUE-GPRS-PLUS-VI is designed to be mounted on a meter board or on the meter terminal cover.

Technical Specification


  • Reliable meter modem for transparent communication via mobile networks
  • GPRS support for: - dynamic IP addresses (IP telemetry)- fixed IP
  • Flexible meter integration
  • Short reading intervals
  • Protection against unauthorized access
  • Diverse applications possible thanks to integrated auxiliary voltage supply (e.g. for quantity transformers)
  • Easy device configuration using the RS232 interface (local) or via telephone call (remote)
  • International application thanks to quad-band GSM

Key Features:

  • Transparent communication via GSM and GPRS connections
  • Meter interfaces: CL1, RS232, RS485
  • Supports the IP-T protocol (E-DIN 43863-4)
  • Supports fixed IP
  • Integrated wide-range power supply for 100 – 230 VAC
  • Auxiliary voltage supply
  • Display for operating mode and GSM field strength via LED
  • Sealable enclosure
  • Call authorization with password protection
  • Local parameterization via the RS232 interface or by remote by telephone
  • Local firmware update via the RS232 interface


Environment » Temperature Range » Industrial (-25°C / +65°C)
Mechanics » Protection Class » IP20
Mechanics » Vibration » Commerical
Mechanics » Mounting » Holes / Screw Connect

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