IoT Services

KORE Global Connect Services Offer:

  • Single GSM SIM option with native connectivity delivers  M2M network services in over 170 countries worldwide through our partnership  with Vodafone GDSP. With KORE's innovative Global IntelliRate pricing, the first auto-adjusting, highly flexible pricing plan offers discounts applied based on actual data usage, per device, with zero customer intervention required.
  • 100% global connectivity where cellular coverage does not  exist delivered by satellite services partner Iridium, who  delivers the best of breed low latency satellite connectivity on the only true  global satellite network.
  • OneRate Plans offer a single price point for all of North  America or US and Canada only.
  • True global cellular and satellite connectivity from one partner, single point of  integration for multiple networks and multiple technologies, one call for support, single  point for billing and one  relationship to manage.


M2M Wireless Networks - It's All We Do.


PRiSMPro™: The Most Robust M2M Business Management Platform is  Powered by KORE

Key Features:

  • Manages  both domestic & international network services, regardless of technology  (cellular or satellite) or geographic location of the through a single management interface, either Web  portal or API.
  • Customizable  for tracking information about your devices and mapping each device to each of  your customers.
  • Consolidates  all reporting, billing, network management and provisioning into one single  interface.
  • Allows customers  to control access rights and privileges through permissions-based settings.
  • Provides  validation that a device is connected to the network, the device’s its last  known location with date/time stamp and the last data session information using  radius services - a critical feature required for advanced M2M diagnostics and  troubleshooting.
  • Maximum  efficiency and integration with customer business logic through a well  documented API
  • Locates  customers’ US and Canadian devices with latitude, longitude and closest street address  via location-based service KORE LOCATE.

KORE Provides Better Carrier Interconnectivity than Any Other Service Provider – Even the Carriers Themselves

By  partnering with KORE, customers get better carrier interconnection services and  associated service levels than most, if not all, could negotiate on their  own. Economies of scale; strong relationships  achieved through years of partnerships; contractual obligations related to  service levels and; systems’ access negotiated into long-term Tier 1 carrier  agreements make this a reality.

In addition,  key KORE personnel have worked inside and helped design the carrier systems  during prior employment stints, so KORE has the added benefit of extensive  experience and prior knowledge into the inner workings of the carrier networks,  data centers and the operations procedures of the departments with whom KORE  works.

KORE carrier  interconnection services include:

  • A minimum of two, fully redundant and fault  tolerant geographically dispersed connections to each carrier’s network  operations center.
  • Proactive monitoring, 24/7/365, of all  connectivity and key performance indicators, including automatic fail-over when  exception events take place so KORE services are maintained, even if one of the  connections to the carrier or the carrier’s own data center should go down.
  • Alarm notifications to KORE operations personnel  of known outages of data centers, data connections or cell towers.
  • Security to protect customer privacy, so only  KORE customer traffic can traverse the connections.
  • The highest degree of security, ensuring all  connections are secured using AES256 IPSec standards based encryption.
  • Radius services to troubleshoot whether a device  is active on a carrier’s network.
  • Access to the highest level of operational  executives at each carrier partner for escalation in the instance of a major  outage or unresolved problem.

M2M Wireless Networks - It's All We Do.


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KORE PRiSMPro Datasheet