IoT Services

IoT Billing Platform

Internet of Things billing, rating and mediation for any type of IoT business models.

IoT Billing Platform by JeraSoft provides a complex billing solution to guarantee an unparalleled support and monetization of IoT and M2M services. The platform enables users to collect data and bill any type of event within their business model gathered from multiple devices (sensors, controllers, vehicles, smartphones, machines, etc.) aimed at supporting home automation, health monitoring, or any other IoT service.

The billing platform can handle, empower and secure any type of IoT business models, covering the needs of both start-ups and large companies to enhance and simplify product development and management activities.


Advanced System Management  
  • Bill Any Type of IoT Services
  • Manage Billed Units (time, data, events)
  • Flexible Subscription Plans
  • Discounts Management
  • Volume Limits Service
  • Advanced Rates Constructor


High Performance and Scalability

  • Unparalleled Performance
  • Data Safety and Redundancy
  • Cloud or On-Premises Deployment
  • Load Balancing and Replication
  • Reliable Cluster Solution


Flexible Integration Support

  • Easy Integration into IoT infrastructure
  • High Performance Core API
  • Powerful Provisioning API
  • Payment Gateways Integrations
  • Multiple Data Sources Support
  • Custom Web Portal Integration


Powerful Online Reporting

  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Traffic Quality Control
  • Detailed and Intuitive Report
  • Multi-level Analysis
  • Flexible Data Filtering
  • Customized Charts


Easy Policies Management

  • Currencies and Taxes Management
  • Adaptable Billing Cycles and Invoicing
  • Various Time Profiles (Business/Non-Business)
  • Packages, Bonus & Discount Management

In order to avoid loss of business, JeraSoft IoT Billing Platform offers a cluster billing solution which keeps data flowing even if one of the servers fails. The cluster consists of a Master server plus one or several redundant servers. These are backup servers that can take over instantly if the Master server fails. Under normal conditions, the master and the redundant server can be used for load balancing. If the Master server fails, the redundant server becomes New Master and takes over all duties.