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1080p gps wifi 4g 4-channel car DVR

F-DVR200 is an embedded Linux operation system device, it research and development by Four-Faith company. F-DVR200 has 8 channel video and audio input. Support 3G/4G, WIFI, LAN, GPS/Beidou(optional), large local storage and hard disk vibration protection, flexible choices for video channels and encord plan.

This product has been widely used for audio and video monitoring in public transport, tourism, industrial sectors, such as city bus, bus station, tour bus, long-distance bus, tourist attractions, industrial minerals and other places.

Technical Specification

1080p gps wifi 4g 4-channel car DVR

Design for Vehicle Application

l High-powered 32bits CPU

l Vehicle power supply design, support under-voltage, over-voltage, over-current, reverse connection, short circuit and surge protection

l Wide Power range(DC 9~36V)

l Wide Operating Temperature(-35~+75ºC)

l Aviation plug for power input

l Metal shell, high heat radiating and anti collision performance

l Shockproof design,suitable for vehicle vibrating environment

l Security structure design for SD/SIM card

Stability and Reliability

l Support hardware and software WDT to ensure the stability of the system

l Support auto recovery mechanism, including online detect, auto redial when offline to make device always online

l Data storage with hard disk, ensure the data security and stability on high speed read and write

l Ethernet port: 1.5KV magnetic isolation protection

l RS232/RS485/RS422 port: 15KV ESD protection

l SIM/UIM port: 15KV ESD protection

l Antenna port: lightning protection(optional)


l 8 channels real-time video and audio encode, H.264 encode, low bitrate, better video quality

l Support 4 channels or 8 channels, choose by demand

l Support 4 channels or 8 channels replay and record

l Support USB/remote/local-web to update firmware

l Support 485 interface

l Support 8 channel analog input (16 bit AD, Support voltage signal, range: 0~5V), 6 channel digit input, 6 channel digit output (2 channel for Relay driver)

l LED light, can quickly grasp the machine running state

l Matched server platform and client

l Multi-transmission media, used for every application scenarios

l Smart rate control, keep stability video transfer via wireless network

l Multi data export, USB local export, remote web download, local web download

l Removable hard-disk, connect hard-disk to PC by USB, used for export and replay record

l Support multi record mode: IR control record, timer record, move detect record, alarm record

l 6 work modes at the same time: monitor, record, replay, backup, network-transfer, PTZ

l Support dual-streams: main stream and sub stream. Main stream (big imagesize) use for local record, sub stream use for network-transfer to save network bandwidth

l Support video output use CVBS or VGA interface

l Storage media support hard-disk, SD card, Auto cover

l Support protect alarm record, can protect the important video

l Steady storage, power protection mechanism keep record complete, even lost power

l Low voltage protection

l Multi boot mode: Timer, ACC, ACC+Timer, NO, IR

l Support IR control, support external infrared antenna

l Support WIFI connect to server and transfer data

l Support local UI

l Support remote TTS(optional)

l Support remote Voice Talkback

l Multi configuration parameter: local UI, local web, remote web

l Support NTP, RTC embedded

l Support multi network switch, configurable for Network priority

l Support the GPS/Beidou positioning function (optional)