IoT Products

WolkAbout IoT Platform is the “heart and brain” of an IoT solution which allows customers to easily connect, manage, monitor and control disparate devices, transform real-time readings into meaningful dataand combine different devices and services into a complete IoT solution. It includes all of the functionalities needed to quickly navigate data-to-application integration without requiring years of IoT expertise. The Platform exists independently between the hardware, connectivity and application layers of the IoT technology stack and enables them to function as a seamless whole. 

WolkAbout IoT Platform is delivered as a product, not as a service, assuring the highest level of independence to the customers, as well as complete data ownership and control over scalability and security. A bought instance of the Platform is conceived in a form of a lifetime licence for the whole feature set, thus enabling customers to avoid complex calculations (paying per device, per message, etc.) and to scale their business without additional costs. Furthermore, full freedom of deployment enables customers to choose whether to deploy the Platform in the private or public cloud, or on their premises. This means they can build and run their own ecosystem without being tied to any service provider. 

The main goal of WolkAbout is to bring IoT closer to the masses, which is why WolkAbout IoT Platform is developed to be fully transparent to the customers’ engineering teams. All connectivity and web APIs are documented, and open source libraries and SDKs are available. What is most important is that the Platform comes with free WolkAbout IoT Tool - a suite of highly intuitive web and mobile applications which enable engineers to manage all of the Platform functionalities through simple clicks and drags & drops, giving them a chance to automate things, out of the box.

At developers and innovators can create a free account, which enables them to discover the functionalities of WolkAbout IoT Platform and to test and prototype connected solutions quickly by connecting up to three devices without any cost.

WolkAbout IoT Platform is built for performance, agility and security and is proven in solving business challenges across verticals. It handles any scale of IoT implementation, from IoT Prototyping to Industrial Automation, making it the right platform to start the digital transformation with

Technical Specification

Key features of our platform are hardware provisioning, device and user management, user accounting, data acquisition, normalization and storage, rule engine and event processing, data visualization, and real-time analytics, as well as a deployment of applications and integration with 3rd party systems.
First, WolkAbout IoT Platform enables customers to communicate with connected devices securely, with low latency and with low overhead. The communication can scale to as many devices as they want. WolkAbout IoT Platform supports standard communication protocols (HTTPs, MQTT, and WebSockets are supported currently). Communication is secured using TLS.
Secondly, customers are able to remotely maintain, control and interact with the connected devices regardless of their location. Of course, corporate customers can manage other user accounts to help them manage projects or to define custom defined privileges (user roles) and visibility (access control).
Furthermore, with WolkAbout IoT Platform users can continuously ingest, filter, transform, and route the data streamed from connected devices. They can take actions based on the data and route it for further processing and analytics, or they can visualise both the live and historical data.
Finally, WolkAbout IoT Platform accelerates IoT application development. It serves as an easy to use interface for applications running in the cloud and on mobile devices to access data sent from connected devices, and send data and commands back to the WolkAbout IoT Platform.
With WolkAbout IoT Platform, customers are able to deploy and scale from tiny prototypes to thousands of devices securely and reliably.

WolkAbout IoT Platform needs to be deployed in the Private or Public cloud, or on customer's premises. Once it's deployed, customer needs to make an account on the Platform. Finally, to connect hardware to the WolkAbout IoT Platform, it needs to be TCP/IP enabled, or to use gateway which is TCP/IP enabled.