IoT Products

Price: £240.00


What can it do? Here is a list of basic functions:

  • Locate - call the unit and it will send you back its location
  • Auto Track - the unit will automatically send you its location at pre set intervals
  • Movement alert - unit will send you a message if it moves more than 200m
  • Geo Fence - unit will send alert if it moves outside a pre defined area.
  • Over speed alert - Unit will send a message if a pre set speed is exceeded.
  • SOS - Sends help request and location to pre programmed number.


Technical Specification

There is no contract or monthly fees to pay.

It has many features including the facility to immobilise your vehicle if it is stolen. The unit can also monitor speech through a remote microphone so you can hear any conversation taking place inside the vehicle via your phone. The unit works with any pay as you go SIM card (a UK PAYG SIM card is included) and you have no ongoing monthly fees. You can find out the exact location of your vehicle at any time by making one call to the unit, it will then send you an SMS message back giving you its exact location and speed.

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