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Evalan is a fast-growing and innovative development and engineering partner in the field of the Internet of Things. We cover the complete IoT stack and work in close collaboration with our customers on remote monitoring, sensor, and telemetry solutions in the industry, real-estate, healthcare and government sectors. We develop devices, sensors, data management systems, data processing algorithms, cloud applications and user interfaces for different platforms. We serve around 100 clients, ranging from large multinationals like Heineken and Unilever to government departments like the Ministry of Defense to hospitals and small technology companies. Evalan has been ranked by the Chamber of Commerce among the 100 most innovative small to medium-sized enterprises in The Netherlands on multiple occasions. Evalan was founded in 2005. From our offices in Amsterdam, we operate in over 50 countries.  

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Hardware producers/vendors - Components, Devices, Modules, Gateways & Software/Service Delivery Platform developers & vendors

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Sarphatistraat 638
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Henk Schwietert
General Manager
+31 20 7990344

BACE IoT Modbus Gateway
BACE IoT Modbus Gateway
Products > Industrial Applications > Process Monitoring
Jean Beunardeau, 2023-06-12 01:58:08:
Greetings I desire to actualize with you a business deal. Please to further explore this possibility I would like you to contact me via my email address( to give you a brief description of my field of work and the project idea. Thank You, Prof. Jean Beunardeau