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ATIVA develops products and projects for telemetry and remote management with expertise in the areas of digital TV, Telemetry and Connectivity.

Technological Market is synonymous of INNOVATION. Innovations in resource and business processes, which aim to increase market competitiveness, quality, information and real-time managements solutions and remote control systems are necessary for businesses to become more agile and productive.


ATIVA Soluções provides edge technology, ensuring the speed in your business. The product range is extensive and ranges from serial converter cable and modem 3G to projects development and customized products, according to the specific needs of your customers, one of the spreads of the company.


The company’s interaction with universities and research institutes and developments, are the tools that foster innovation in products and company solutions. Thoughtful strategy for the company’s and the country’s growth.


The solutions are of high reliability and intelligence for the segments of Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Water, Energy, Agribusiness, Industrial Automation, Banking and Hybrids through media such as Ethernet, GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G, fiber optics and satellite. Working in the areas of digital TV, CCTV, Telemetry, Tracking and accessibility to the Internet.


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ATIVA - M2M Solutions for Telemetry and Connectivity.

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ATIVA - M2M Solutions for Telemetry and Connectivity.
Quintino Bocaiúva # 302
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Santa Rita do Sapucaí

Marlon Aguiar
Businesse Manager
+5535 3471 4747

Jean Beunardeau, 2023-06-12 01:09:41:
Greetings I desire to actualize with you a business deal. Please to further explore this possibility I would like you to contact me via my email address( to give you a brief description of my field of work and the project idea. Thank You, Prof. Jean Beunardeau