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Simplified Digital Security and IT Management Solutions for Families

SternX Technology is a software development company. We specialize in providing Cybersecurity, digital security, and IT management solutions that help families, businesses, and organizations access the digital world safely and securely. Our development approach is demand-based, we identify solution gaps in high-yielding markets and analyze the competition. We design our products with the end user in mind. This is why they always come with an intuitive and visually pleasing UI, a flexible and efficient UX, and easily scalable, updatable, and maintainable codework. Our two main solutions, Safes, and Safes School represent our work's fine caliber and quality.

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SternX Technology GmbH
01445 Radebeul, Sachsen, Germany

Alexander Khan
Marketing Executive

Get to know SternX and what we do!
Get to know SternX and what we do!

Here at SternX, we strive to help you protect your employees, students, and children in the digital world. We can help you with any digital problems you might encounter. Count on our various products for a secure, simple, and healthy digital life. With our products, you can choose and manage how the internet treats you or your employees, students, or children.