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Gurtam is a Fleet Management and GPS Tracking Systems Developer.

Gurtam is a Fleet Management and GPS Tracking Systems Developer. Gurtam specializes in the development and distribution of cutting edge software solutions for fleet management and GPS tracking based on GPS and GSM/GPRS technologies. The professionalism of Gurtam team allows our customers to enjoy the effective, reliable and easily adjustable IT solutions for GPS tracking, which are used by more than 300 companies in 50 countries all over the world.

At present, Gurtam is mostly famous for its Wialon system, which is very convenient and multifunctional platform for GPS tracking and fleet management. After seven years since its launch, Wialon has become a real leader in the realm of GPS vehicle tracking. Among different versions of Wialon, the company offers both software as a service (SaaS) and server products.

The company is widely recognized as a provider of stable, effective and easily adjustable solutions designed by the team of professionals. The number of successfully implemented GPS tracking services based on Wialon platform is constantly growing and expanding geographically. Due to Wialon system, there are about 100 000 vehicles and vessels all over the world carrying cargo with the total amount of approximately $2 billion dollars are under control 24/7.

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