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Electronics Manufacturing Services; Printed Circuit Board Assembly; Box build including IoT and IIoT Gateways and Hubs. New (2014) assembly line including selective solder. Design support. PCB layout. DfM. ITAR registered

Telecommunications technology provider and contract manufacturer/electronics manufacturing services. Deep experience in high-interoperability hardware design and build, including PCBA and chassis integration.

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REDCOM Laboratories, Inc

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Hardware producers/vendors - Components, Devices, Modules, Gateways & Software/Service Delivery Platform developers & vendors

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REDCOM Laboratories, Inc
1 Redcom Center
United States

Kevin Moriarty
Business Development Manager

Sigma (R) Core
Sigma (R) Core
Products > Industrial Applications > Process Control, SCADA
Electronics Manufacturing Services
Electronics Manufacturing Services
Services > Industrial Applications > Process Control, SCADA
tim He, 2018-06-28 07:31:57:
Dear Kevin Moriarty, Our company name is Xiamen Baima Technology Co, Ltd. We are the manufacturer specializing on designing and producing M2M/industrial IoT hardware and solutions. The features of our products: 1. High-availability 4G/3G/2G connection 2. Automated fail-over between Ethernet and cellular (dual SIMs) 3. IPsec, OpenVPN, L2TP, GRE, PPTP for safety communication 4. Ultra-reliable and secure data transmission via Gigabit Ethernet ports 5. Fully integrated into Microsoft Auzure IoT eco-system, easily to be build an industrial IoT solution 6. Python & SDK (Python 2.7/C) for secondary development 7. Free 1 year warranty 8. No additional license fee (All-in-one system) 9. It can work as Modbus Master to send alerts by SMS 10. It support TCP2COM protocol to integrate with SCADA system ... ... Such a high performance-price ratio, with multiple functions, and high security modem/router is your best choice, isn’t it? To get more information, please visit Best regards, Tim