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BizBrolly is a technology strategy, design & development agency that designs & builds technology products for startups & large enterprises across India and worldwide. BizBrolly has delivered innovative products such as home automation IOT Apps, CRM on-the-go, fantasy games and many next-gen mobile products and website for clients across the globe.

Ever since its inception, BizBrolly has emerged as a trusted technology partner for firms across the Globe.   With a dedicated team of engineers, BizBrolly has delivered innovative products. With sharp focus on disruptive technologies, tremendous good-will among their users, BizBrolly is positioned to take the next leap in growth and establish their brand in the technology services space.

BizBrolly work with various protocols and technology stacks: Wi-Fi (all 802.11 stack), Bluetooth v4.x/Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Mesh networks Wi-Fi/Bluetooth (including 802.15.4)

 Wi Fi and cellular connected devices (Http and MQTT)

These devices have the ability to utilise WiFi and cellular (2G/3G/4G/LTE) to connect devices directly to a cloud, monitor and control them remotely, collect and analyse data.

 BLE connected devices

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) solutions as one of the most energy efficient and ideal for the case of wearable devices and personal electronics.


Company has delivered more than 7 automation apps for biggest brand in India using MQTT, HTTP, CSR Mesh and standard bluetooth technology.

For more details, please contact BizBrolly's Founder & CEO - Arun Mishra

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